Sunday, May 29, 2016

Media Coverage

07.30.16  Letter to Editor:  There is an Option to Resolved Shady Acres (Jessica Hope Amason)

07.30. 16 Letter to the Editor: Shady Acres is not a Good Investment of Funds (Stan Blazynski)

07.30.16.  Letter to the Editor: Event Center Plans Hinge on Private Investment  (Steve Verhey)

07.29.16. Letter to the Editor: County Putting Taxpayers on Hook for Shady Acres    (Susie Weis)

 07.28.16.   Letter to the Editor: County Not Complying with Affordable Housing Plan (Carl Nelson)

07.25.16.  Letter to the Editor: Reviewing Facts behind Shady Acres Decisions (Laura Osiadcz)

07.20.16 Candidates for Commissioner Speak out Against Shady Acre Purchase

07.19.16.  City to Sign Letter about Shady Acres:

07. 12.16. Letter to the Editor: Shady Acres Resident Appreciates the Support (Carlos Huitron)

07.06.16 Letter to the Editor: Time to Elect New Commissioners (Kevin Anderson)

07.01.16  Letter to the Editor:Support of Shady Acres  (Rev. Lowell Murphree)

6.30.16. Letter to the Editor: Shady Acres Supporters not ones triggering fear  (Ellen Schattschneider)

6.28.16   County Officials and Community Leaders Tour King County Mobile Home Parks (Tony Buhr) 

Letter to the Editor:Osiadacz's comments recall civil rights area.

6.25.16   Shady Acres Residents Speak Out (Tony Buhr)

6.25.16.  Shady Acres Tied to Fairgrounds (Tony Buhr)

6.25.16  Letter to the Editor:  Support Rob Fraser for County Commissioner (Mark Auslander)


Shady Acres Owners Want to Sell to the County


 KNDO TV story.  (Tree plantingand the community)

KIMA TV story: (on Commissioner's Meeting)

Prayer Vigil Held at Shady Acres (Daily Record, Tony Buhr)


Guest Column: Land's Best Use is Shady Acres (Ishbel Dickens)


Editorial: Keep Options Open on Shady Brooks

Shady Acres Residents Attend County Planning Meeting:

Letter to the Editor:  Comparing Donald Trump and Paul Jewell (Steve Verhey)


Housing Panel: Maintain Shady Brook Neighborhood

6.9.16. Residents share ideas for shady brook mobile home park.

5.28. 16. Daily Record. Shady Brooks Won't Close without a Plan.

5.28. 16. Daily Record.    Petition Started against Shady Brook Purchase

5.25.16.  Paul Jewell, opinion column on Shady Brook (see also public comments at end)

 5.21.16. KIMA-TV. Cultural Celebration brings dialogue in community.

5.12.16. CWU Observer. Central Community Rallies to Support Displaced Residents at Shady Brool/

5.12.16.  Mark Auslander, Guest Column in Daily Record. "Better Option for Shady Brook") 51°

5.10.16. Larry Lowther, Letter to the Editor, Daily Record  (County, Community needs to find a better solution)

5.7.16. Letter to the Editor, Karen Mattocks. (Daily Record): Administrator would help county avoid mistakes

5.7.16. Opinion Column. A Need for Affordable Housing is Both Urgent and Long Term.  (Mike Gallagher) Daily Record.

5.7.16. Groups say more affordable housing will take organized effort. (Jesse Major, Daily Record)

5.4.16.  County Hears from Shady Brook Residents, Advocates, Daily Record. (Jesse Major)

5.4.16.  Letter: Newspaper  Coverage just fanning flames. Daily Record.

5.3.16.  KIMA TV. Dozens show up to Kittitas County meeting on behalf of Shady Brook mobile homes.

5.2.16. Shady Acres residents form homeowner’s association. Daily Record News. (Julia Martinez and Jesse Major)

4.30.16.  No foundation: Ellensburg lacks options for people in need of affordable housing. Daily Record (Nicole Klaus)

4.29. 16.  KIMA TV. Mobile Home Community in Ellensburg Worries about their Future. (Jack DePilar) 

4.27.16. Photo gallery: Shady Acres Mobile Home Park. ( Brian Myrick)

4.19.16.  County to Purchase Shady Acres Mobile Home Park, tavern (Jesse Major). Note: This is the article that "broke" the Shady Acres story.


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